Why Pay for a Professional Service Company?

| Ed's Blog

It is a big deal: you wait at home, or maybe you go in late to work. Maybe you miss a day of work altogether. Why? You are waiting for a professional service technician. It’s amazingly expensive (or at least seems so when you pay the bill). It is extraordinarily inconvenient and invasive to your personal life. What are you paying for, and why is it worth it?

A good service company is asking itself these questions. Understanding the customers’ point of view is essential to their relevance and ultimately their survival. There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle that are not obvious to most consumers. Specialty knowledge, specialty tools, convenience, speed, warranties, and accountability to solving the end users’ needs are the obvious deliverables that a good service company has to be concerned with – and a customer has a right to expect all of the above.

When it works correctly, it is like a well-orchestrated ballet or symphony. It is not so obvious even to many of the participants in this carefully orchestrated collection of committed professionals. That may sound like an overstatement when taken at face value. The fact of the matter is, to get a single-qualified, prepared service professional to your home when you need or want them is a big deal. The right guys are few and far between, and to keep them on jobs that are appropriate to their skill set in one- or two-hour increments is challenging.

Simultaneous to the customers’ experience, a single office support team is frantically orchestrating as many as a dozen other customer experiences. Each truck has been carefully stocked with the appropriate tools and parts that may be needed in the most common service scenarios. The service technician has the back-office support for additional specialty parts or engineering support from both advanced technical support personnel and manufacturers’ representatives. This level of support is rarely available to a do-it-yourselfer, no matter how competent or diligent they are.

Commitment, training, parts, support, and competence, at all levels, are a complex endeavor that is an investment in comfort and safety to any homeowner. We appreciate the opportunity to show our customers how well we do it!