What Goes Into Central Air Conditioner Maintenance?

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Central air conditioning is a crucial component of modern-day living, especially during the hot Hudson Valley summers. Like all mechanical systems, central air conditioning units require regular maintenance to function properly and efficiently. Without regular inspections and tune-ups, your AC unit can lose its cooling power and consume more energy. Eventually it can break down, resulting in costly repairs or replacement.

Now, you may be wondering: what exactly does the HVAC technician actually do during a service?

Here are a few of the things done when a qualified technician performs maintenance on your central air conditioner:

Cleaning the Condenser Unit

This involves removing leaves and debris from the outside and inside of the unit. The cooling fins are cleaned, and any fins that are bent are straightened. The fan motor is also lubricated so that it continues to run smoothly.

Cleaning the Evaporator Drain

The evaporator coils for most central air conditioning units are sealed. A qualified technician is the only one who can access them. The evaporator drain is what carries moisture away from the evaporator coils. If puddles of water appear beneath the coils, then it’s possible that the drain pipe is likely clogged with algae and bacteria.

Changing the Air Filter

This one is easy and should actually be done by the homeowner at least once a month when the AC is heavily used. A dirty air filter can cause problems for your central air unit. The location of your filter will depend on your system. Sometimes the filter may be located on the condenser; other times it may be found around the evaporator. To change the air filter, you must remove any grilles or housing, make sure the area is free of dust and debris, and then replace it with another of the exact same type. You can find the filter part number and size dimensions on the old filter.

Air Duct Inspection and Cleaning

Did you know that a single leak in your ductwork could be costing you as much as 25% of the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system? Checking your ducts for leaks is important, as it can reveal energy loss and a potential entryway for contaminants.

Moisture, dust, pollen, and other contaminants in your air ducts can create a breeding ground for mold and spores. Potential health effects and symptoms associated with mold exposures include allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory complaints. Cleaning the ductwork removes contaminants and increases the air flow efficiency of your ductwork, which can save energy.

Coolant Check

The insulation on the lines running from the condenser outside the evaporator to inside the house has been checked. If they are worn or damaged, they will need to be replaced. If the AC system does not contain the proper amount of Freon, it will provide very little cooling. If the system needs a charge, it will be performed. If you suspect a Freon or coolant problem, call a professional to recharge the system.

Is your AC Unit Too Old?

Installing a new AC system is an effective way to reduce costs, especially if your system is more than 10-15 years old. Today’s systems could potentially cut cooling costs in half with a new installation.

Investing in a new installation will provide you maximize efficiency while minimizing expenses, giving you long-term savings on your energy costs.

Properly maintaining a your home’s cooling system can prevent breakdowns during the hottest weather. This reduces your risk of discomfort, heat exhaustion, and other heat-related health issues. Don’t wait, schedule your appointment today!

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