Is It Time To Replace Your Old Furnace?

| Heating

The furnace is the most important component of your home’s heating system. It is responsible for producing heat and distributing it throughout the house. Along with a water heater, it also provides hot water, which can be used to take showers and wash clothes.

When your heating system works well, you tend not to think about it. But even with regular maintenance, all furnaces and boilers will eventually break down and require repair. At first, it may be inexpensive parts, but later on, the problems become more severe and expensive to fix.

It’s something that no one wants to do, but the time will come when the heating equipment in your home or business must be replaced.

The key is to time the replacement just right. That time would be before the furnace has gotten so old that it’s costing you more money each month in operating costs than it would to replace it. But replacing your unit too early is not very cost-effective, either.

So, how do you know when you should replace your furnace or when you should just fix it?

If your furnace or boiler is more than 15 years old, it should be replaced. New technology has improved furnace energy efficiency. You’ll save money on energy costs right away.

If your repair costs are mounting, it’s time for a replacement. Every time you need a heating technician to repair your heating unit, it just adds to the cost of your furnace operation and heating costs. At some point, you’re going to want to cut your losses. The sooner you do so, the better.

Too much noise is a problem. A lot of problems may cause your furnace to make noise or create puffbacks. It’s possible that a replacement unit would be needed to fix the problems, especially if the unit is old.

A yellow flame instead of a blue flame is bad. Furnaces should only produce a blue flame while in operation. A yellow, flickering flame is another sign that you may need to replace the unit. Poorly-firing furnaces can cause a health hazard by producing too much carbon monoxide.

Uneven heating throughout your home is also a sign of problems, particularly if the changes are recent. If certain zones or rooms in your home are not getting warm, this could be a circulator problem or a sign that a larger component of your heating system is not working properly.

It’s always best to have a professional HVAC expert check your system to determine what’s wrong. You may have several options available to you. Some furnaces just need repair, while others may be past their prime and ready for replacement.

With a new, efficient furnace, the energy savings can help offset your initial costs. Financing options exist with flexible plans and payment options to suit your needs and budget. Rebates from your utility company are also available. That means you can save money on your utility bills—and have the costs of a new system offset with rebates!

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