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Reverse osmosis is a great choice for most home water purification needs. It is a recommended solution for individuals or residents that are on a pre-treated municipal water system. A reverse osmosis system eliminates the need for buying bottled water or using coolers that take up valuable kitchen space. It’s a popular method of water treatment for both commercial and residential water filtration purposes.

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What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis uses a semi-permeable membrane that allows pure water to pass through, while rejecting contaminants that are too large to pass through the tiny membrane pores.

To perform reverse osmosis, a driving force must push fluid through the membrane. This process removes from water most inorganic chemicals (such as salts, metals and minerals), most microorganisms including giardia and cryptosporidium, and most inorganic contaminants.

Reverse Osmosis water treatment can be added to existing water systems to help improve water quality.


Reverse Osmosis Water System Repair

A common reason for low water flow from a reverse osmosis system is low air pressure in the holding tank. We offer service and repair for most residential reverse osmosis systems. We can also replace parts and provide services from simple reverse osmosis cartridge replacement to complete water system repairs. Our skilled plumbers can perform pipe upgrades, faucet replacement and water leak repair.

Because we charge by the job, you never pay for slow or lazy technicians or for run-around time for parts and other materials. And because it’s in our best interests to work as efficiently as possible, we fully stock our trucks and train our technicians to do the job efficiently and correctly the first time around.

Water Purification Solutions

Our treatment solutions are highly effective in eliminating water-related health risks. Before installation, we always carry out a thorough assessment to ensure that we provide you with the most effective solution.

To improve the quality of your water and improve the safety of your tap water, contact Go Green Express Home Services at 845-237-2291.


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