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Modern residences have convenient features that improve the safety, health, and comfort of our homes and family. Our plumbing provides clean water and removes waste, and our air conditioning and heating units maintain safe and comfortable indoor temperature throughout the changing seasons. These HVAC systems are essential, but require routine maintenance and repairs — and eventually replacements — that are often troublesome and disruptive.

Go Green Express Home Services makes maintenance, repair, and replacement processes easy. Offering HVAC solutions in Putnam County, NY, our team of trusted professionals has the knowledge, skills, and experience to tackle whatever your home systems may throw your way.




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Your Putnam County Plumbing Repair Company

Struggling with a clogged drain or toilet? We can help! Need assistance detecting a water leak? Our experts will find it. Thinking about repiping services? We can take that on, too. Plumbing issues shouldn’t be ignored, as they can worsen over time, causing more serious disruptions and damage to your plumbing system, and your home. A leaky pipe can quickly turn into a flooding disaster, resulting in water damage, and unhealthy mold and mildew growth. And putting off clogged drain repair can lead to a major blockage that throws off your whole flow, damages pipes, and causes unsanitary water and sewage backup.

Whatever your needs may be, Go Green Express Home Services is here to provide accurate, efficient, and affordable plumbing solutions. We offer a range of services, from drain cleaning and pipe repair to water heater installations and gas line repair. Experiencing a plumbing emergency? We’re here to solve it, no matter the time of day — or night. Whether you’re dealing with damaged sewer lines, flooding, water heater failures, or any other urgent plumbing issue, you can depend on us to solve it — and fast!

Need a Furnace Tune-Up? We Can Help!

As an Putnam County resident, you’re likely all too familiar with the area’s frigid winter temperatures. We know how important having a properly functioning home heater is, especially throughout the colder months. That’s why Go Green Express Home Services offers heating repair, maintenance, and installations at competitive, flat-rate prices.

We can’t stress the importance of regular heater maintenance in keeping your system up and running smoothly, efficiently, and reliably. Scheduled maintenance can help us catch repairs early on before a bigger, more expensive problem presents itself. Maintenance also helps extend the life of your system, and reduces the risk of unexpected heater failure. Don’t wait to make a heater maintenance appointment for your unit today, so that you can stay warm this winter.

If your heater is malfunctioning, you may need furnace replacement or repairs. Be on the lookout for any of the following signs your heater needs help, and give us a call if you notice any of them occurring with your heating system.

Expert Putnam County AC Installation

As much as you need to stay warm in the winter, keeping cool when outdoor temperatures climb is essential, too. Your health and comfort depends on a working air conditioner, as extreme summer temperatures can bring on dehydration, fainting, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke.

If your AC isn’t cooling like it should, give Go Green Express Home Services a call. You may need an AC tune-up, or your system may need more serious intervention. Our team provides comprehensive air conditioning services in Putnam County, from routine maintenance to air conditioning repair and replacement, and even emergency services.


“Hello…Your toilet is running. Would you like us to take care of that for you?”

The first of its kind in the Hudson Valley, Go Green Express Home Services has invested in preemptive care for your home. We offer an app-based cellular-based monitoring system that tracks when components go wrong in your home before they become big problems. Monitoring your home remotely means we’ll send you error codes – much like when the engine light is on in your car and the mechanic reads the error code to find the problem. GGEHS cares even when you’re not there!

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GGEHS Service Partner Plan

Go Green Express Home Services approaches emergencies differently – we build you up so that you don’t have them.

Emergencies happen, and we want to give our customers priority care. Discounts and priority scheduling are reserved for customers in our GGEHS Membership.

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Business Hours Only

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Eco-Friendly Services

We wouldn’t call ourselves “Go Green” if we didn’t mean it! Our team specializes in finding environmentally responsible heating and cooling solutions for your home. This helps reduce your carbon footprint and your monthly utility costs!

How We Do Estimates

Whole House Diagnostic

At Go Green Express Home Services, we approach one problem as it relates to your whole home. Our highly trained professionals craft a solution based on the configuration of your rooms, windows and doors, in order to fit your plumbing, heating and cooling needs to the penny. We don't want you wasting energy - or money.

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Community Involvement

GGEHS Donates $500 To Fur Friends At Hudson Valley SPCA

Newburgh Urban Farm & Food Receives $500 Donation From GGEHS 

The Regional Food Bank Of Northeastern NY Receives $500 Donation From GGEHS

What Our Customers Say

Looking to upgrade or replace your plumbing or water system? Contact us and we will send out our Comfort Advisor to inspect the problem and give you an idea of what we can do to help.

– Patricia Cooney

I highly recommend Go Green Express Home Services – they are professional, responsive and knowledgeable. They also offer different price options that fit your budget.

– Liz Spillane

I’m as happy with the work as I can be, and I would highly recommend Go Green Express Home Services to anyone who’ll listen.

– John Philip

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