Smart Ways To Keep the Home Warm and Green for St. Patrick’s Day

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Tips for Heating the Home While Staying Green

When people think about heating their homes, they become self-conscious when they think about the environmental impacts of doing so. Indeed, climate control technology is a major usage of fossil fuel and energy resources, so it isn’t easy to think about climate control technology being considered green. However, environmental stewardship and keeping a comfortable home don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

The best steps homeowners can take to reduce their carbon footprint involve changing simple habits and making small upgrades. By taking these steps, Hudson Valley homeowners won’t have to compromise when it comes to being warm and being green.

heater filter

Change the Filters When Necessary 

Keeping a clean filter in a home’s HVAC system is vital to its performance and longevity. Indoor air is very prone to building up dust and other particles because fresh air is rarely introduced. This particle-laden air is recirculated around the home and passes through the inner workings of a furnace. The dirty air inhibits air movement and can cause grime to build up on blower fans and ductwork. When air movement is restricted, a loss in performance will occur, resulting in a loss of energy efficiency.

By keeping clean air filters in a unit, the air stays cleaner, the unit is more efficient, and the unit will last longer. All these benefits taken together mean that the environmental impacts of a well-maintained unit are far lower.

Upgrade To a Better Thermostat

The thermostat is the most recognizable part of a home’s heating system. Even if no one knows anything about basic HVAC maintenance or operation, they know how to work a thermostat. New thermostat technology is changing the way people interact with their heating systems.

programmable thermostat
Smart thermostats and programmable thermostats are making it all possible. Smart thermostats and programmable thermostats allow users to save energy by more closely tracking temperature adjustments and monitoring energy usage. By programming a thermostat to keep the heater from running during times that the home is unoccupied or lowering the set point at night, homeowners can save a lot of money and energy. Additionally, setup is easy, and the controls are simple.

Take a Load off Your Furnace by Using Green Heaters

In places where renewable resources power electrical grids, it can make sense to use electrical power to heat when possible instead of burning fossil fuels. Eco-friendly space heaters are designed to be very energy-efficient as well as easy to set up and use.

The benefit of using small eco-friendly space heaters is homeowners can control which areas get what temperature. Doing this will save money, increase comfort and help reduce some of the load on a furnace during cold spells.

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