Whole House Humidifer Services

Humidifier Services

Is your home a bit dry? At Go Green Express Home Services, we provide air conditioner humidifier services to Hudson Valley businesses and residents. We are committed to helping you choose the right humidifier to meet your needs and budget restrictions.

We also offer expert AC humidifier repair and maintenance services to keep your existing system working optimally. In the harsh winter months, humidifiers help to make the air less stringent and dry, preventing viral infections, asthma, and more.

What you can expect from us:

  • Highly skilled and trained staff, who understand how to install and repair humidifiers.
  • Fast and reliable services in case of equipment breakdown.
  • Quality humidifier products that keep your home or business comfortable in winter.

We provide indoor air quality services to Orange, Dutchess, Ulster and Putnam County, New York.


What Is an AC Humidifier?

Dehydrated air, common in the colder winter months, creates unhealthy conditions like cracked and itchy skin, a dry nose, nosebleeds, and sore throats. Dry air also leads to increased viral infections, asthma, and allergy symptoms, as well as damages expensive wood furniture and floors.

Humidifiers circulate added moisture into the air and thus raise the overall humidity levels. These systems come in three distinct types:

  • Point-of-use humidifiers: Are usually portable and can effectively humidify a single room.
  • Console humidifiers: Are larger units, perfect for multiple rooms or small apartments.
  • Whole-home or furnace humidifiers: Connect into your HVAC system to provide humidity for your entire home or business.

We only work with the best air conditioner humidifiers on the market. Choose from Aprilaire, EWC Steam, or Honeywell products, among others, for guaranteed quality humidification for your surroundings.

The Benefits of Installing a Whole-Home AC Humidifier System

AC humidifiers make the air more breathable in the winter months by adding moisture levels. Apart from this prime benefit, there are other key benefits of using humidifiers in your surroundings:

  • Reduce winter heating bills: By adding some moisture to the air, you increase humidity levels and need less heat, saving on your bills.
  • Conserve furniture: Low moisture levels can cause wood flooring or furniture to warp and crack. An AC humidifier preserves the integrity of the wood.
  • Controls static electricity: Humidifiers help to lessen the potential for static electricity in your home.
  • Better sleep: A moist environment soothes dry sinuses, throats, and chests, ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Do you need a dehumidifier installed instead? We do that too! Contact us today for a comprehensive estimate.

Your Hudson Valley AC Humidifier Contractor

From air conditioner humidifier installation to repair, our expert technicians at Go Green Express Home Services are on hand to provide you with the best possible service. Whether you need a simple maintenance plan or an entirely new installation, our team is here to help. We serve all of Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, and Putnam County, New York.

If you need air filtration systems, smoke detectors, fresh air exchangers or electronic air cleaners, contact Go Green Express Home Services at 845-237-2291.



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