‘Tis the Season for Holiday Plumbing Emergencies

| Plumbing

With additional people in the household, the strain on the plumbing can become too much. That’s when any underlying issues come to light. Backed up toilets and kitchen drain line problems are the two biggest problems during the holiday season.

Toilets tend to back up more often when visitors are present. Visitors may individually or cumulatively use too much toilet paper and overload the line. To help prevent this, try to space out people using the restroom. This will allow time for lines to clear between flushes.

Problems with your sewer line should be handled by a professional. If the sewer system is backed up and sewage is flowing, it’s a potential health risk – not to mention a mess for your guests.

In the kitchen, a buildup of grease in a drain may cause a pipe backup. An overflow of dishes and grease will put a strain on things, so it’s best to be sure that all food scraps are disposed of in the garbage can.

With others using the garbage disposal, there may be items placed in it that would not normally be put in it, such as bones or starch-based foods. This can cause the lines to become clogged or the disposal to seize.

So, how can you tell if there is going to be trouble? Gurgling sounds from your sinks, toilets, or bathtubs can be signs of trouble. If your drains do not flow as freely as they did before, that could be another sign of problems. To ensure that you don’t have any blockage issues with your lines, you may want to have them snaked to clear them of blockages and debris.

If you do have plumbing troubles, don’t let them ruin your holidays. Call Go Green Express Home Services, and we’ll have you back in the celebrating mood!