Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

As a leading eco-friendly heating and cooling contractor in The Hudson Valley, at Go Green Express Home Services, we specialize in geothermal heating and cooling.

We are committed to helping you find the right heating and cooling system for your home to lower your energy bills and your carbon footprint. You can count on us to deliver the expertise and experience you need to design the perfect geothermal heating installation. Our systems reduce emissions, deliver high performance, and save you money year after year.

We provide residential and commercial geothermal services to Orange, Ulster, Dutchess and Putnam County, New York.


What Is a Geothermal Heating and Cooling System?

A geothermal heating and cooling system tap into stable underground thermal temperatures to provide heating and cooling throughout your home.

In warm weather, geothermal heat pumps extract heat and humidity and transfer it to the cooler earth. In the winter and colder months, these heat pumps draw radiant heat from the ground into the home.

Residential geothermal systems require a high initial investment compared to other heating systems, but you should recoup your money within seven years at most.

Geothermal energy costs are also far less than conventional heating and AC systems. These systems are perfect for buildings of all sizes and offer significant cost savings when installed.

Benefits of Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Apart from offering energy cost savings and efficiency, geothermal heating systems provide a host of benefits, such as:

  • Lower maintenance costs: All equipment is protected underground or indoors, safe from weather corrosion.
  • Eco-friendly: The system uses ground heat, which is renewable and pollution-free.
  • Longevity: A geothermal system can run for up to 30 years.
  • Convenience: One geothermal system provides both heating and cooling needs.
  • Safety: There are no risks of gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Want to prevent costly repairs to your heating system? Consider our reliable maintenance services and give us a call.

Your Geothermal and Heat Pump Contractor

Choose Go Green Express Home Services as your go-to geothermal heating contractor. We are committed to providing clean, green and cost-efficient services. We specialize in the installation and repair of WaterFurnace geothermal heating and cooling systems at competitive prices with reliable results.

Our team can help you choose the most energy-efficient geothermal system to suit both your residential and commercial needs. Our highly-trained and skilled technicians will expertly install your new geothermal heating and cooling system to ensure that it meets your requirements 100%, and provides the best performance over the most prolonged period.

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