Emergency Service in a Snowstorm

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Who To Trust in Case of a Winter Emergency

Employee safety, traveling safety, having the correct technician for the job, parts availability, accessibility to the job site, job site efficiency, access to specialty tools, other resources, and employees bogged down in their own personal snowbank- all of these contribute to a difficult situation when the weather turns serious.

It is not obvious to the average consumer of professional home services how much care is taken to get the right technician to their home at the right time with the right stuff. It is the mission of Go Green Express Home Services to solve the problem efficiently, on time, and at the convenience of the homeowner. They keep a complex database of the history of the homes they service (even if the current resident didn’t live there last time they were there), so they are as prepared as possible when they arrive to fix your heating system.

emergency heating needed in a snowstorm

Even if Go Green Express Home Services has not been to a home before, they pay a lot of attention to things that most homeowners do not usually think about. Their goal is to solve every problem quickly and at the lowest cost. It is complex matchmaking that’s done behind the scenes, even under normal conditions. They match up the trouble call with the specialist who is closest to the home when it is most convenient for the customer.

Go Green Express Home Service runs a fleet of fully stocked trucks with specialized technicians, tools, and equipment strategically located throughout the Mid-Hudson valley. Obviously, the best way to handle heating emergencies in a snowstorm is to avoid them by having a service agreement and a properly maintained system that is unlikely to break down at the wrong time. However, Go Green Express Home Services does provide emergency heating service to their service agreement customers, even when the weather is bad. It is complicated, but they do their best to keep their customers safe and comfortable no matter what circumstances they need to deal with.

We provide emergency heating services to Orange, Dutchess, Ulster and Putnam County, New York.