Damp Spaces vs. Dry Spaces…. Which Space Do You Want To Live In?

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It’s the most common problem in America… wet and damp basements! It’s the biggest question in America…How can I have a dry basement?

Basements are a common place for some of the unhealthiest living conditions for a home. Do you want a healthy home? Do you want a living area that is protected and will keep your personal belongings safe?

Most people use their basement for some type of living condition such as storage or living space. Many homes are built on different type of concrete foundations. Do you know what a major ingredient in foundations is? The answer is water.

Concrete acts as a conduit to absorb moisture that me be kept in the ground. What happens if all this moisture is in your foundation? Where does it go? The water goes in your basement. It creates a damp and wet area. This is a major source of mold or mildew. All of which we don’t want in our homes. Our job is to protect our homes from such vicious elements. How do we do that? Waterproofing is the best form of defense.

There are many ways you can waterproof a foundation; some methods require multiple combinations to accomplish this feat. Why should you as a homeowner be constraint and overwhelmed with threats of water or dampness that prevent you from using your basement or having things destroyed in your basement. Waterproofing plays an important role in preserving this place in your home. It also creates healthier living conditions for you that commonly make people sick or can cause severe health issues.

No matter how you look at it though, waterproofing can be one of the best investments made to your home. A home with cleaner, dryer, and healthier basement provides ideal living conditions and value to your home.