Common Furnace Problems – And What They Mean

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There are dozens of reasons why your home’s furnace may break down and need to be repaired. Obviously, some problems are easier to fix than others. Below are some common reasons your heating system can malfunction.

The furnace power is off

This is a common problem. If your power is down, the furnace fan will not run. Check the furnace’s breaker or fuse. If the breaker was tripped, leave it off and check for loose connections in the furnace wiring. Also take a look for any burn spots on the control board. If you see anything wrong on the unit, you should switch the unit off and call your Hudson Valley HVAC technician.

There is a thermostat malfunction

If you are not getting any heat and it feels cold, check that your thermostat is on and set point is above the current room temperature. You would be surprised how many false alarms this generates.

Dirty or clogged filters

One thing you can do to improve efficiency and avoid furnace problems is to regularly change or clean your furnace’s air filter every month. Dirt and dust contaminating motors and other parts make up a large number of repair service calls. By keeping up with your filter replacements, you can easily avoid this problem.

Mechanical wear and tear

Like any mechanical device, moving parts eventually wear out. When belts or bearings wear out, this can cause your furnace to overheat, underheat or create fan air flow problems. Common mechanical problems include blower motor failures, control board problems, capacitor failure and heat exchanger failures. One primary reason that furnaces suffer from breakdown is due to our next problem, which is…

Lack of maintenance

This is the important one. Having regular precision tuneups or a regular maintenance plan can prevent most problems that lead to heating system breakdowns. A tuneup is designed to catch problems before they compromise your comfort or safety. Complete oil or gas heating system replacements are 70% more likely for systems that have NOT had routine maintenance. Deferring maintenance may save money in the short term, but if something goes wrong, the cost and the inconvenience of emergency repairs might be substantial.

The best way to avoid furnace repairs is to schedule an annual furnace tune-up. Not only will you save in energy costs by ensuring your furnace is running at maximum efficiency, but small problems will be caught before they become big problems.

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