Central Air Conditioners Do More Than Cool

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Central air conditioners operate by circulating cooled air through a series of supply and return ducts. The supply and registers transport cool air from your air conditioner to circulate through your home. Meanwhile, the warm air is transported back to the unit through the return ducts and registers. Central air can cool an entire house is quickly and efficiently. They not only regulate room temperature but serve other purposes as well.

Air conditioners dehumidify the air

Relative humidity levels above 50% can contribute to mold growth, which can cause musty odors and trigger allergies. Extremely high levels of humidity can damage walls and furniture. Your central air conditioner acts as a type of dehumidifier, helping to maintain the moisture levels in the air.

Air conditioning filters the air

The filter is one of the most important parts of the air conditioning system. Without it, your cooling system simply recycles dirty and polluted air. The filter removed pollen, allergens, dust and dirt from the air. This keeps these contaminants from building up in your ducts. Proper A/C filtration help you not only feel comfortable, but also live healthier. To maintain the air quality in your home, your filter needs regular replacing (or cleaning on some models). The amount of time varies with how often your unit is used, but at a minimum, your air conditioner filters should be changed every three months.

If your home has several rooms that need to be cooled, installing a whole house unit is the way to go. The installation cost of a central A/C unit will vary on the region, type of unit, and the amount of customization that needs to be done to the home. If the home does not have existing ductwork, the installation will be more complicated, since that will have to be added, but generally very doable. Whole house units dehumidify and condition the air, removing allergens and irritants, making the environment better for everyone.

There are rebates and incentives available pre-season for many high efficiency models.

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