Come Out On Top and Breathe Easy This Allergy Season

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3 Ways To Keep Spring Allergies at Bay

Spring is here, and HVAC systems are about to be in full swing. As the temperature outside climbs and all the plants come into their full spring splendor, it can be hard to keep pollen and other airborne allergens out of the home. If there’s anywhere homeowners should feel comfortable, it’s in their own home. But when allergens float around inside, it can be worse in the home than out of it.

Want less sneezing and watery eyes? Follow these tips for keeping allergies at bay during the spring season.

Keep dust off surfaces

One of the best ways to keep a home’s allergy levels under control is to keep it clean. When dust gathers on surfaces, allergies are waiting to be inhaled. This is why regular dusting and vacuuming can be a very effective way to keep allergies under control. Homeowners should clean carpets more often than hard floors because carpet tends to gather more allergens, but they should both be cleaned regularly for best results.

But it’s not just floors and furniture that one should clean regularly. They should also clean their air ducts on occasion. The spring is an excellent time to do this. Those homeowners who don’t clean their air ducts are more likely to suffer from poor indoor air quality and allergies.

Open windows to circulate air

open windows

This tip for keeping allergies at bay may seem counterintuitive. After all, conventional wisdom says that people should keep their windows closed during allergy season. However, those homes without HEPA-equipped air filters, or those that don’t supplement their HVAC system with air purifiers or sanitizers, often have worse indoor air quality than  outside.

On breezy days, it can be beneficial to open the windows to allow the air to circulate. Although the air outside may bring some allergens into the home, opening the windows can help clear the high concentration of allergens already inside.

replace air filter

Replace or clean filters regularly

This tip is the most common-sense and also the most often forgotten about. Life gets in the way of little things like changing the air filters when they clog, but it’s very important. It’s amazing the difference in air quality homeowners experience when they change their filters a minimum of once every three months. If you have dogs or cats, you should replace filters more often, at least every two months.

It’s also a good idea to ensure that the home has the best filters for the system. The wrong filters can cause damage to the HVAC system by making it work too hard. They can also allow more allergens inside the home. It’s best to talk to a professional HVAC tech to get the right filters and schedule important spring AC maintenance.

Clean your air ducts to clear the air

Clean home air is important for your overall health. This is especially true in the spring, when pollen and allergies are at their worst. Air ducts play a crucial role in circulating warm and cold air. Over time, ducts accumulate dust, bacteria, and other allergens. This can exacerbate allergy symptoms and even cause respiratory issues. Getting your air ducts cleaned regularly helps reduce allergens, improve air quality, and even make your HVAC system work more efficiently.

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